19 October 2020

As soon as a project reaches an adequate size and scope of services, we offer the realistic imaging provided by 3D modeling.

When do we use 3D modeling?

After having defined the basics of the project during the “Basic engineering” phase, through process diagrams and site plans, we approach the “FEED” which consists of developing the installation in detail.

The aim is to produce the documents and plans necessary for the supply of the equipment and its assembly on site.

This is when we use a powerful CAD (computer-aided drawing) tool, AutoCAD Plant 3D, which allows the implantation of buildings, all the equipment and the various networks (Process, Fire defense, Utilities, Electricity, etc.) in general.

What are the advantages of 3D modeling?

By doing this, once the basics are properly defined, we note the following advantages:

  • Integration into a single plan of all trades involved in the project
  • Easy verification of the interactions between the various structures and networks and the accessibility of equipment and instruments
  • Conceptualization of the installation from the design stage in order to consider modifications at the design stage
  • Easy modifications following possible comments
  • Specific simulations and calculations made possible
  • More precise definition of mechanical and electrical “Bill of Quantities”
  • Consistent extraction of plans (views, sections, isometrics, etc.)
  • Easy on-site installation

The assembly below shows how easy it is to conceptualize an installation from the design stage.

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