The strength of the team

What we bring

A human and united team that shares strong values such as mutual aid, respect and an appreciation for a job well done.

Guided by the project manager, the production team is made up of specialists who put all their strengths at the service of your project.

A global reach

What we bring

A desire to support our clients in all their efforts, from design to operation, by making the most of our technical, management, and coordination skills.

Optimal integration

What we bring

Endowed with a practical mindset and great technical skills, our teams take into account the existing environment to best integrate the proposed solution.

Practical experience

What we bring

The team’s references constitute a solid foundation on which each project is built. This experience allows us constantly to evolve and perfect the solutions we offer.

Whether regarding technical, managerial, financial, organizational aspect or at key stages of a project such as the construction or commissioning phase, it is the personal experience of each employee that shapes the company.

Total independence

What we bring

SALTA ENERGY retains complete freedom in the choice of suppliers, in order to remain entirely objective and offer the solution best suited to the needs of its customers.

Strong partnerships

What we bring

By relying on dependable and experienced partners for the different phases of the project, we can offer the best operational performance and guarantee offering the best support, whatever the challenge encountered.

Long-lasting customer relationships

What we bring

We rely on transparent communication with each client to build a relationship of trust. This long-term vision is the expression of our desire to support you in all of your challenges.

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For several years, SALTA ENERGY has understood the importance of building on two essential pillars: project management and technical coordination. These two pillars are a guarantee of quality and a guarantee of achieving the objectives set.

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