A guarantee of quality from the first sketch to the smallest details of the engineering. A solid relationship with specialists ensures you get the best engineering solution for your new gas storage and distribution location.


Each type of project is different and deserves a special design. This is why we work as a team with our clients to offer the solution that best suits their needs and translate their vision throughout their project.


Experience and expertise are the hallmarks of our project team. Our engineers pay particular attention to the costs incurred by engineering in these important phases of the project: procurement and construction.

A proven methodology


Studies are a set of essential work steps that transform a basic idea into a real project. At each of these stages, the various studies play a key role in optimizing the solution for our client.

1. Feasibility study

Our participation as engineers in a project begins with concept and feasibility studies. We can then identify the best alternatives for the project, work together on a business case and possibly on potential funding avenues.

2. Basic studies (or BASIC)

The basic studies, or BASIC engineering, aim to define the bases for carrying out studies in plans and technical documents.

This translation of the client’s needs also allows us to get an idea of the budget necessary for the realization of the project. These studies include in particular:

  • Initial assumptions
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Philosophies of operations
  • Security philosophies
  • Design philosophies
  • A description of the installation
  • A risk analysis of the installation designed

The objective of this step is to optimize the choices of our client. We then work closely with all stakeholders to be accurate in our understanding of their needs and objectives to be achieved.

3. Detailed studies (or FEED)

Detailed studies are vital for the successful completion of the project:

  • To define all project requirements in terms of material, equipment, construction and installation
  • To design the project in line with the norms and standards guaranteeing maximum safety
  • To translate the philosophies of basic studies into technical specifications and drawings
  • To take into account possible risks; internal and external

These studies allow you to get a precise idea of the project, its scale and its cost, to then consult all the necessary companies and build the planned facilities.

Thanks to the documents and plans produced during the detailed study, suppliers, subcontractors and assembly companies have all the information necessary to supply and build the installation.

4. Execution studies

If you decide to entrust the supply of equipment and on-site assembly to two different players, design studies become necessary to ensure adequate integration of all the equipment into its new environment.

The execution studies are an adaptation of the detailed studies according to the equipment actually supplied. These studies allow assembly companies to carry out the work on the basis of fully updated plans.

Extensive field experience in LPG


Our engineers are versatile and rely on the specific expertise of partners to design the LPG installation in detail, in accordance with international standards and local regulations.

Their expertise covers various technical fields: process, mechanics, electricity, instrumentation, automation, civil engineering, metal framework, etc.

Whether for a greenfield, an extension of the site or a renovation of the installation, our designers and engineers can offer optimized and innovative solutions.

Thanks to the relationships we have with suppliers, our expertise and our experience in engineering, we present ourselves as an ideal partner to interact with all the stakeholders of the project.

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