19 October 2020

At the time of publishing this post, we will have been developing SALTA ENERGY for a few years. With our personal experience in the field of LPG and turnkey projects, we put our skills at the service of society by developing the operating model on the one hand and on the other hand the technical and management tools.

Our entrepreneurial adventure

From the start of the creation of our new company, we have been able to count on quality support.

The Provincial Economic Office of Namur, business coaching as well as the consultancy firm The Right Move allowed us to target our activity and the communication tools used.

The enriching discussions we had opened our eyes to our model of society. The notion of partnership already present in our mind has taken on an increasingly important dimension until it has become the center of our model: both with regard to customers and service providers.

The strength of collective intelligence

The convergence of each other’s intelligence and knowledge to advance towards a common goal forms the model in which SALTA ENERGY is developing.

This model is based on the quality of each specific discipline (Civil engineering, 3D drawing, detailed calculations, etc.) developed by our partners and on the internal management of the technical bases and of all interactions throughout all our projects.

“Alone we go faster, together we go further”

This is how, with the experience of each link in our company, we are able to respond to your requests, whatever they may be, on time and with the expected high quality.

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