When you award an EPC contract, the overall project budget is known from the start to avoid any unforeseen expense.


Having a single point of contact for your entire project makes it easier and more efficient to monitor the contract.
You are then reassured about the management of interactions between the different contracting partners of the project.


In a turnkey project, the contractor takes full responsibility for delivering it to you ready for use.
This obligation guarantees the customer will receive fully functional installations on time.

Strategic and operational management


EPC contracts or also called “turnkey” are global projects where the client entrusts the full realization of a project to the contractor.

On the basis of the specifications, the contract and the offer, our team takes care of the studies in close collaboration with you. It’s about designing your project according to your needs, international standards, local regulations and safety rules.

Studies and Management

EPC Contracts

Adequate and quality studies with good project management are the key to an implementation in accordance with real needs, according to:

  • The specifications, contract and call for tenders
  • International standards
  • Local regulations
  • Personal experience

For the entire duration of the contract, an EPC project manager ensures the management and execution of the assignment until commissioning.

The EPC project manager

The EPC project manager is the interface between the client and all stakeholders. This liaison role covers in particular quality and HSE monitoring, cost and planning monitoring, periodic reporting, etc.

This function is as important as it is crucial to ensure:

  • Good communication (meetings, reports, etc.)
  • Perfect coordination between stakeholders
  • Special attention to quality assurance
  • A close eye on the planning and the budget
  • Strict monitoring of HSE rules

A qualified and experienced EPC project manager will ensure the success of your project without exceeding your budget.


EPC Contracts

In an EPC contract, the contractor delivers all the equipment according to the contractual incoterm from EXW to DDP. Our team then manages the supply of the project by optimizing costs:

  • In accordance with technical specifications
  • With reliable, certified equipment of proven quality
  • By keeping an independent and neutral approach in terms of brands

The procurement phase includes factory acceptance tests to ensure that the assembly is compliant, to take responsibility for it by offering a warranty.

Construction & Commissioning

EPC Contracts

The construction of the site is carried out in partnership with companies. This part of the project is supervised by a SALTA ENERGY specialist who ensures the quality of the work and the respect of deadlines.

Our supervisor works closely with the engineers throughout the construction phase, in order to guarantee a strict correspondence between the studies and the assembly, counting on a support at all times.

To reduce risks, we rely on a strict selection of local subcontractors in charge of construction, the technical expertise of our engineers and our technical and organizational management team, to ensure:

  • Effective communication and organization
  • Detailed overall planning
  • Compliance with HSE Rules
  • Quality control (NDC, hydraulic pressure test, etc.)

At the end of construction, the engineers who designed the project proceed to commissioning and starting-up the installation.

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