Single point of contact

The ease of having a single point of contact, regardless of the equipment required for your gas installation.


A rapid response and supplies delivered as quickly as possible are the hallmarks of the service offered by SALTA ENERGY.


The service offered is fully adapted to requests which may relate to standard equipment as well as to specific equipment.

An ideal equipment supply solution


Buying the right equipment can be a complex endeavor. Our Procure service allows you to benefit from professional advice to take care of the installation by providing a technical perspective regarding the overall environment. In this way, we provide the most suitable equipment for its use.

Thanks to many years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of hydrocarbons and gas, our advisers will accompany you throughout the process of purchasing equipment.



1. A guaranteed response

When equipment needs to be replaced, time is of the essence. This is the reason why we guarantee a response as soon as possible. Together, we will seek the best solution according to any potential constraints encountered.

2. A network of specialists

Thanks to our network of specialists and recognized suppliers, Procure relies on everyone’s experience to best meet demand at the best price.

3. Quality

The key word of the Procure service is quality, both in terms of the support and in the equipment and documentation provided.

Before shipment, the equipment is checked and packaged so as not to suffer any damage during transport. The technical documentation is provided in order to allow the customer to proceed with the various required administrative procedures.

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For several years, SALTA ENERGY has understood the importance of building on two essential pillars: project management and technical coordination. These two pillars are a guarantee of quality and a guarantee of achieving the objectives set.

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