The technical and organizational skills of a project manager ensure greater consistency between the various elements of the project, from design to delivery.


A project manager relies on quality protocols and proven management tools to ensure that the achievement meets the set objectives.
In addition, the project manager ensures the implementation and compliance with procedures aimed at increasing the quality of the service provided, at each phase of the project.


By keeping alert to the safety aspects, we make sure both engineers and site personnel ensure that safety remains everyone’s priority.

Precise overall monitoring


SALTA ENERGY’s ambition is to support its customers throughout their projects, until the factory is finished.

The quality of service is therefore a key element for our teams. We seek both qualitative and quantitative excellence for each deliverable.

Our experience, our management and monitoring tools, our quality procedures help us make the best decision at the right time. In addition, our risk management and change management guide us to deal with any modification or the slightest unforeseen event in order to minimize their impact throughout the project’s completion.

An EPC + M contract


When the whole project is divided into different entities, the risk is diffused, but not reduced.

In this situation, SALTA ENERGY offers global project management, called EPCM (Engineering, Procurement & Construction + Management), to help its client to reduce drastically the risks incurred.

The more fragmented the project, the more crucial our EPCM is in putting the pieces of the puzzle together and creating a cohesive whole.

Whether for engineering or a full EPC contract, the project manager takes the lead to ensure good communication among all stakeholders, from the customer to the designer, including suppliers, subcontractors, local authorities, etc.

An acknowledged experience


Our customers have the right to expect consistency, reliability, and quality, especially when the project is entrusted to a company or a group of companies.

With numerous on-site missions in Africa, Central America, and Asia, our engineers and operators have been confronted with the reality of the situation on the ground. They therefore offer realistic solutions.

SALTA ENERGY has demonstrated its ability to take the lead of small and large projects in many countries all over Africa and beyond. Our excellent reputation for project management is well known and shared by many European and African clients.

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For several years, SALTA ENERGY has understood the importance of building on two essential pillars: project management and technical coordination. These two pillars are a guarantee of quality and a guarantee of achieving the objectives set.

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