Regular maintenance in accordance with HSE regulations improves the safety of personnel and operators.
The ATEX atmosphere of the various installations all the more justifies taking into account the danger inherent in the operation.Une maintenance régulière et conforme aux réglementations HSE améliore la sécurité du personnel et des opérateurs.


Maintenance assistance helps keep equipment functioning longer before scheduling replacement, while increasing the overall efficiency of the installation.

Personnel training

Being able to count on specialized support is also an opportunity for your staff to train. This contributes to improving contentment at work.

Ensure the sustainability of your installations


The operation of a storage and distribution facility entails certain needs, which our specialized engineers can meet.

Requalification of storage spaces

The regulations require owners to requalify storage facilities periodically. This includes several checks:

  • Checking the welding thickness
  • Internal and external inspection of storage facilities
  • Hydrostatic pressure tests
  • Verification of safety devices
  • Etc.

When work is carried out, the operations manager and the safety manager are also included in their organization. SALTA ENERGY can then manage and coordinate the periodic requalification of your storage facilities by proactively collaborating with all stakeholders.

Quality support makes it possible to reduce the time taken to complete work without interrupting current production

Technical assistance, audits, and training

Owning an installation entails technical difficulties in several areas: operation, safety, information reporting, metering, storage management, etc.

Technical audits are the key to carrying out an in-depth analysis of these different points of attention.
Our specialized engineers are versatile and can periodically carry out the technical audit of your installations. They highlight sensitive points in terms of operating process, technical problems, staff teams, etc.

During these periodic checks, we produce a report proposing solutions to specific problems.

Training can also be offered to operators. Their role is crucial for a good understanding of the installation and therefore a good use of the equipment. It is also an effective way to increase their awareness and participation in safety standards.

Maintenance assistance

The profitability of an installation depends on its productivity, which means daily, weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance operations are crucial to maintain or increase its efficiency.

It is therefore the responsibility of the personnel to respect the maintenance plan, both for the installation and its equipment. That said, our team can provide support through periodic visits to verify the proper performance of maintenance by the operators and to carry out more in-depth maintenance of the main equipment. If necessary, SALTA ENERGY can also provide the necessary spare parts.

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