A common working basis


How can we respond to these concerns and offer a perfect turnkey project realization?

A project requires the collaboration of the most competent people by effectively integrating all the actors in the same working group.
The coordination between the customer, the local authorities, the contractor, partners, suppliers and subcontractors must then be perfect.

1. Project management

Project management is the guarantee to make it evolve in the right direction.

Many tools are used to control its development, to communicate the important aspects throughout its realization and to guarantee the result sought by the customer.

As project captain, the project manager is committed to ensuring that all employees work in synchronization so that overall consistency is guaranteed.

Having been active in the energy sectors for many years in Africa, our engineers have not only gained a great deal of practical and administrative experience, but also excellent relationships with both local subcontractors and foreign suppliers.

2. Technical coordination

SALTA ENERGY’s main asset is a team of engineers who can draw on the expertise of partners specializing in different disciplines.

It is these technical skills and this field experience that allow our teams to ensure smooth coordination between the stakeholders of each project.

Long-term availability and reliability


SALTA ENERGY wants to support its customers beyond their projects to establish real long-term partnership relationships.

A good customer relationship is characterized by availability, flexibility and a very high quality of service in terms of price, deadlines and technical performance.

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For several years, SALTA ENERGY has understood the importance of building on two essential pillars: project management and technical coordination. These two pillars are a guarantee of quality and a guarantee of achieving the objectives set.

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