A cohesive team

Our values

A taste for top performance, respect for others, mutual aid, partnership, passion in one’s work and ethics are the guidelines our team always follow.

1. Performance

Improving the performance achieved is our leitmotif. Our team must be constantly challenged by innovating, optimizing, and adjusting our operating method.

It is by pushing back the limits that we manage to optimize our way of working more and more, in order to offer you the most effective solution possible.

2. Respect and mutual aid

Excellent professional relationships are the basis of good work. Both with regard to our customers and to suppliers and subcontractors, mutual respect makes it possible to establish solid partnerships, conducive to the development of each company.

The strength of our team is both its consistency in terms of skills and personalities, and the mutual support that exists among the team. Mutual assistance helps build a strong team, ready to face the unforeseen challenges and the vagaries of our business.

3. Passion

Passion for their work is everyone’s common aim. The desire and motivation of our teams are a powerful engine that ensures SALTA ENERGY quality, efficient, and successful work.

4. Ethical standards

Social responsibility and the company’s own ethical standards are pillars in the choices and directions that SALTA ENERGY takes, both in terms of your projects and in short, medium, and long-term positioning.

A work philosophy

Our values

On a daily basis, these values guide us to ensure the technical coordination and management of each project.

They are the basis of the philosophy according to which we approach our actions and our relationships with customers, partners, suppliers or any other stakeholder in your project.

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