Concrete and tailor-made solutions

In brief

SALTA ENERGY’s goal is to provide solutions to atypical projects due to their technical, organizational or planning complexity. To do this, we are looking for optimization on three axes:

1. Business

We develop the company day by day in order to offer a reactive and competitive solution in terms of price, which meets your expectations.

2. Coordination & Communication

Anxious to integrate all the needs and constraints related to your project properly, we attach great importance to communication and transparency in our customer relations.

Our technical teams have a proven organizational approach, establishing close collaboration between project management and technical coordination.

3. Engineering

We are committed to offering and implementing personalized solutions in order to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Multidisciplinary teams

In brief

SALTA ENERGY surrounds itself with curious and multidisciplinary experts in order to make your projects a global success.

The strength of our employees is their skills, which cover a broad spectrum in depth, in the different areas of project implementation or across the board.

These skills range from overall project management to carrying out studies, including purchasing management, construction monitoring, commissioning of facilities, factory acceptance of equipment, etc.

Flexible and proactive technical teams

In brief

By entrusting your project to SALTA ENERGY, you surround yourself with a team of engineers with practical minds and extensive experience, who can adapt to any type of situation.

Our model aims to offer flexible, comprehensive, quality solutions, within a timeframe and at optimized prices during the four main phases of the project: investment – design – construction – operation of your project

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For several years, SALTA ENERGY has understood the importance of building on two essential pillars: project management and technical coordination. These two pillars are a guarantee of quality and a guarantee of achieving the objectives set.

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