A guarantee of quality from the first sketch to the last engineering detail. A solid relationship with the experts means that you are guaranteed the best engineering solution for your new gas storage and distribution facility.

  Made to measure

Every project is different and deserves a specific design. That’s why we work as a team with our customers to come up with the solution that’s best suited to their needs and bring their vision to life throughout their project.


Experience and expertise are our project team’s watchwords. Our engineers pay particular attention to the costs incurred by the engineering aspects in the procurement and construction stages of the project.

Our support right from the start of your project

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At SALTA ENERGY, the process begins with a feasibility study, which we offer to the customer free of charge. This stage is essential because it gives us an in-depth understanding of your needs and offers us the chance to get a general overview to assess the scope of the project. We use this initial analysis to estimate the budget required. This approach means that we can tailor our proposal to each Customer. This free feasibility study guarantees transparency in terms of what we offer from the very beginning of our relationship with our Customer.

A tried and tested methodology

Studies play a key role in transforming an initial idea into a concrete project. At each stage, these studies are refined and the solution is optimised to meet our customer’s needs.     

Basic design studies

At SALTA ENERGY, the basic design studies that we also offer, known as BASIC Engineering, are intended to create a technical document based on the customer’s needs so that together, we can make sure the project is heading in the right direction. At this stage, the experience we have built up helps the Customer define their needs and how they are evolving, and identify any constraints.

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These studies include:  

  • The initial hypotheses;

  • Process flow diagrams;

  • Analysis of layout and traffic flows;

  • Operational philosophies;

  • Safety philosophies;

  • Design philosophies;

  • A detailed description of the facility;

  • An analysis of the risks associated with the facility being designed.

Detailed studies

The detailed, or FEED, studies we offer at SALTA ENERGY are defined according to the basic studies and provide an additional level of detail for the equipment required for the successful completion of the project. This detail covers the technical specifications of the components and their general quantity.

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These studies are particularly important when it comes to: 

  • Establishing all the requirements for the project in terms of materials, equipment, construction and installation;
  • Designing the project in accordance with norms and standards to ensure maximum safety;
  • Transforming concepts from basic studies into technical specifications and drawings;
  • Taking potential risks into account, both internal and external;
  • Optimising the cost of the project by developing different technical solutions.

These studies give the customer a clearer idea of the scope of the project and its cost.
With the documents and plans produced by our company, everyone working on the project will have all the information they need to complete the facility.

Execution studies

During the implementation stage, SALTA ENERGY carries out detailed execution studies based on the equipment that is actually chosen and purchased for the project.

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By taking all the technical elements into account, we aim to fulfil a twofold objective: 

  • Make sure that there is coherence between the different elements; 
  • Pass on the exact instructions for on-site assembly work.

This tailor-made approach ensures that all project specifications are taken into account, and that the necessary equipment is fully integrated into the installation process. This means we can guarantee that the project will run smoothly and efficiently, optimising resources and minimising potential risks. 

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Are you planning an installation project? Choose SALTA ENERGY!

Our customer-focused approach means that we can provide the best possible response to our customers’ most specific needs. As a service provider, we know that each project is unique, with its own specific characteristics. That’s why we place so much emphasis on understanding the customer’s requirements. We work closely with them to define the level of detail required, while also challenging them to ensure an effective, suitable solution.

Our mission encompasses all the trades needed to complete the project: from civil engineering to steelwork, including LPG processes, fire protection and compressed air systems, as well as mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control and supervision services.