The technical and organisational skills of a project manager ensure greater consistency between the different elements of the project, from design to delivery.


A project manager relies on quality protocols and tried and tested management tools to make sure that the project meets its objectives.


By being vigilant about safety, we make sure that both engineers and staff on the site make this a top priority.

Who is our management system aimed at?

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The management system offered by SALTA ENERGY is designed for any Customer who wants to entrust the management of their project to a single experienced point of contact, ensuring the seamless integration of everyone involved in the project.

Our management service is rarely offered on its own. It is often accompanied by engineering services or an EPC contract, guaranteeing you results!

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Meticulous monitoring throughout the construction process

SALTA ENERGY aims to support its Customers throughout the duration of their projects, right through to completion and start-up.

Through rigorous communication, we monitor the overall timetable and the various milestones defined with the Customer. In addition to monitoring, we define and implement the actions needed to stay within the targets that have been set.

We place particular emphasis on quality of service, and our aim is to achieve excellence both in terms of end results and Customer satisfaction at every stage of the project.
Thanks to the wealth of experience we have built up over many projects, combined with our management and monitoring tools and our quality procedures, we are able to make the best decisions at the right time. What’s more, our approach to risk and change management means that we can anticipate any changes or unforeseen events, so as to minimise their impact throughout the project.

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Technical coordination to guarantee results

Setting up the organisational aspects is a necessary and important task carried out by our project managers. It provides a clear overview of the structure of the project and the different parties involved.

Our aim is to bring all the service providers involved together around the table, coordinating the teams effectively so that we can move forward together as effectively as possible, and make sure everyone is communicating with each other.

SALTA ENERGY’s responsibility in this interaction is significant and substantially reduces the risk of major failings or delays in the project, which generally incur additional costs.

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An EPC + Management contract

When a project is divided into several distinct parts, the risk is shared out, but not reduced. In order to help the customer significantly reduce the risks involved, SALTA ENERGY offers a comprehensive approach to the project, called EPCM (Engineering, Procurement & Construction + Management). The more fragmented the project, the more essential the EPCM becomes in terms of bringing all the pieces together to form a coherent whole.

Whether for technical aspects (engineering) or for the complete management of the project (EPC contract), the project manager takes the lead in ensuring smooth communication between all the parties involved, from the customer to the designer, including suppliers, subcontractors and local authorities.    
The project manager really is just like the conductor of an orchestra, making sure that the project runs smoothly.

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SALTA ENERGY: tried and tested management experience!

Customers are entitled to expect impeccable consistency, reliability and quality, especially when the project is entrusted to a company or group of companies.  
Our engineers and operators have had the opportunity to work on a large number of projects in Africa, Central America and Asia, equipping them with the tools they need to come up with practical, realistic solutions.

SALTA ENERGY has a proven track record of successfully tackling projects of all sizes in different African countries and beyond. Our solid reputation in project management is recognised and shared by many European and African customers.